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Products and Services

      Policy & Procedure Development

      Strategic Plan Design & Execution

      Plans of Actions & Milestones & ConOps

      Performance Measurement and ROI Analysis

      Technology Evaluation

      Compliance Measurement and Auditing

      Systems Development Life Cycle

      System Testing and Evaluation

      Cost Benefit Analysis and Feasibility

      Studies for Technology Integration

      Implementation Planning & Training

      Technology Infusion & Operational
           Effectiveness Impact Analysis

      Security Assurance For Enterprises
Security SDLC –Access Control,
          Monitoring and Incident Response,
          Disaster Management, COOP, Certification
          and Accreditation (Tech and Facility),
          Training, Policy Management

        SCIF Construction

        Security Studies

        Preparedness Planning, Risk
            Management, & Mitigation

        Port Security Solutions, including
            Grant Application & Management

        Training and Curriculum Development

        Organization/ Administrative/
            Personnel Studies

        Regulatory Studies

        Chemical/ Biological Studies

        Environmental Impact &
            Hazardous Materials Studies

        Aeronautic/ Space Studies

        Intelligence Studies

        Foreign Policy/ National Security Policy Studies

        Defense Studies, including
            Countermeasures, Missile Defense, &
            Circuit Boards

        Legislative and Governmental Outreach

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