Key Personnel

Our key personnel average more than 20 years of experience, solving complex, persistent problems in areas such as Counterterrorism, Infrastructure Protection, Risk Management, Technology Development and Integration, Process Redesign, Strategic Planning, and Project Management. Our background includes Defense, Homeland Security, International Affairs, Energy, and Financial Services.

Management Biography
Mary Ungar, CEO
Nolan Mar International, Inc

Designing and Executing Operational Effectiveness™

  • Mary Ungar -Ms. Ungar is founder and CEO of Nolan Mar International, Inc, a global management consulting firm focused on the defense and homeland security marketplace. With over 19 years of government and commercial consulting experience and a proven track record in government and industry strategic planning, program management, risk management and cost effective project execution, Ms. Ungar provides the leadership for Nolan Mar to achieve their mission to "Design and Execute Operational Effectiveness™". Mary is instrumental directing the firm's deployment of the Nolan Mar SAFE™ methodology that focuses on integrating advanced technology and operational best practices into business processes that result in measurable process improvements and legislative compliance. Her specific accomplishments in port (petroleum and chemical), airport and facility security management, including: enterprise security management, risk assessment, security planning, training, technology integration and grant development, require her and her team to closely coordinate with state/local/tribal/federal and international officials. Mary provides executive level strategic planning and acquisition planning support to several large international defense contractors. Currently she is providing port security consulting support to several large energy companies. She serves on the Board of Directors of the International Institute for Homeland Security and on the Board of Directors of the John P. Murtha Center for Homeland Security. In 1991, after her tenure with the international management consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. Ms. Ungar co- founded a management consulting firm, CCG. In 1998, she served as Chairman of the Security Assurance and Risk Management Task Force, a public/private panel established to coordinate efforts relating to implementation of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) recommendations. After 12 years of successful growth in both the public and private sectors, in 2002, her firm was acquired by MAXIMUS, where she became Vice President for Infrastructure Security. Throughout her career, Mary provided program management, strategic planning and enabling technology integration support to the public sector, including: the Department of Defense, Justice, Treasury, FDIC, Housing Urban Development, Veterans Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, GSA; and the private sector, including: energy companies (i.e. ConocoPhillips), financial institutions (i.e. American Express), law firms, ports and consulting firms. As a former member of U.S. Senator John Heinz's staff, Mary continues to provide legislative guidance to customers to ensure their compliance.

  • Dr. Rand C. Lewis -28 years of military experience and over 10 years of academic experience. Dr. Lewis served as the DoD liaison to the Dept. of State in the areas of International Counter Terrorism. His work included defense cooperation programs, counter and anti-terrorism, and technology transfer policy. As the Executive Director of the Martin Institute and the Director of the Martin School of International Affairs at the University of Idaho, Dr. Lewis guides both the Institute and the University to achieve award winning programs both nationally and internationally. As Executive Director of the National Alliance, Dr. Lewis provides his subject matter expertise in areas of counter terrorism tactical training and cyber security and information assurance technology integration. Dr. Lewis holds a Ph.D. in History from the University of Idaho with an emphasis in Modern Europe and is a retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel.

  • Loren Larson -Nolan Mar’s Director of Technology Integration, with 15 years IT experience. His duties include infrastructure design, implementation, and maintenance, ISS, cyber security analysis and accreditation, and facilities management. Recently, Mr. Larson was Team Lead for DOE’s Network Services team. His responsibilities included managing and directing activities of 18-person team of network engineers and technicians who maintained and supported the WAN, including the help desk, site support, network operations, network engineering, and video conferencing services. Loren was responsible for conversion and improvement of internal network services from Novell NetWare 5.1, Windows NT 4.0, Unix, and Mainframe based infrastructure to a Win 2000 infrastructure; the conversion and improvement of the EM desktop solution from a Windows 95 OSR2 base to a Windows 2000 base; the implementation and management of network security system to safeguard Internet portals and access; the conversion of custom Sybase databases and applications to SQL 2000; data security and system backups; configuration and change management; and cybersecurity implementation and mitigation. He has worked both in private and federal sectors. He was a project engineer working for comScore networks, and as a consulting network engineer for American Technology Services. Mr. Larson was Executive Director for the Association of Consulting Foresters of America, Inc. (ACF). Previously he was a policy analyst in the DC area. He received a B.S. from Virginia Tech.

  • Lance C. Chugg -8 years of business experience. Mr. Chugg joined Nolan Mar from Transnational Strategic Solutions, where he served as Chief Financial Officer. He has an MBA in Finance and International Business from BYU and has passed the CFA level II exam. Additionally, he holds an MA in French Civilization from Penn State. At Claremont McKenna College, he earned a BA in Economics and French. From the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in France, he obtained a Certificate of Political Studies in International Relations. He worked for Avery Dennison on their North American/ Latin American corporate audit team, mapping processes and evaluating internal controls. Working in the banking industry, he developed a broad understanding of financial products and practices and sought to improve profitability. Lance underwrote and managed loan portfolios comprised primarily of residential real estate loans and mortgages. At Northwest Savings Bank in Pennsylvania, he identified a coding error in the deposit system, preventing the bank from charging maintenance fees. More recently, he served as Vice President of Corporate Relations at Zions Bank, managing an extensive audit of a business line to identify sources and risks of foregone revenue and to recommend solutions. He participated in a multi-bank project to design parameters for a business line data warehouse and developed accounting processes to improve transparency of revenue and expenses for a business line and to enhance employee accountability for discounts. Mr. Chugg has lived 3 years in France and Switzerland.

  • Ronolda Dooley -20 years of federal government information security experience, working 10 years for the USAF and 10 years for federal financial regulatory regulatory agencies. Ms. Dooley retired from government service in 2003. She brings a wealth of expertise to Nolan Mar with significant experience in managing and implementing enterprise security programs. With a detailed understanding of access control technologies, Ms. Dooley has experience in developing security plans, conducting certifications, and accreditations and performing the full life-cycle of security assurance activities. Ms. Dooley worked as consultant to MITRE after retiring as the Chief of Security Operations at the FDIC. Prior to joining Nolan Mar, Ms. Dooley assisted the U.S. Department of Treasury in implementing their security strategic plan. Ms. Dooley holds a Masters Degree and several technology certifications.

  • Scott Kauffman -11 years of networking technology and integration experience, with emphasis on defining and evaluating technology solutions and implementing cybersecurity controls. Mr. Kauffman is recognized as an expert in CIP. He has 6 years network engineering experience, serving both private and public sectors. His range of experience includes: Technical analysis of emerging technologies, product development; risk management activities involving sensitivity analysis, risk analysis, developing system security plans, DITSCAP and NIST Certification, net monitoring and intrusion detection; disaster recovery and business continuity planning; security awareness and training; and physical security assessments. Scott graduated from the University of Maryland, with a B.S. in Business Administration. Technical Certifications include: CISSP, CCNA, MCSE, Sun Certified Technician, Apple Certified Technician, and Advanced Troubleshooting with the Sniffer Network Analyzer, Linux Server Installation and Maintenance, Apache Web Server, TCPIP for Windows Networks.

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