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At Nolan Mar, we take a holistic approach. We see the whole process in the context of the entire organization. While the assigned task may be IT certification or physical security analysis, our professionals are considering the related risks and environment to identify opportunities to enhance the operational effectiveness of the client’s enterprise. We hold ourselves to best practice standards. We fulfill tasks according to specified requirements on time and on budget. We encourage our clients to seek best practice standards and regulatory compliance. Applying these, we view our clients’ processes and organizations systemically to enhance process improvement and to increase effectiveness. We want our clients to become the standard by which others are judged. By developing outstanding quality, we provide outstanding value.

  • Industry best practices
    1. SEI Capability Maturity Models: SW, SSE, SA, SE, P, T, - i
    2. ISO 9001:2000, 15504, 12207
    3. Six Sigma
  • Proprietary best practices
    1. SAFE© —Security Assurance for Enterprises
    2. Product Engineering Model

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