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Associated Consultants

To better respond to the particular needs of clients, Nolan Mar maintains relationships with a number of specialized experts. They add to our companyís already strong capabilities. These associated consultants include the following:

  • Brig. Gen. Ralph Pasini (USAF, Ret) -Special emphasis on C2 systems and technology integration. Carnegie Mellonís Software Engineering Institute requested Gen Pasini to lead several programs. Later, he provided SME support to several large DoD contractors to guide their efforts. He was a command pilot with 10,000 hours flying time in a variety of aircraft, commanded at squadron, group, and wing levels, commanded the Rapid Reaction Force (NATO), was Chief of Research and Analysis USPACOM, and was Wing Commander at Minot AFB. He served 3 joint tours and his final assignment was in the J7 at the Pentagon. Gen Pasini trained foreign military officers from more than 90 countries and participated in the first ever START inspection of U.S. facilities by members of the former Soviet Union.

  • Lt. Col. Christopher J. Holshek -U.S. Army reservist with 24 years experience in post-conflict operations. He currently supports curriculum development and lectures at Levin Institute in NY. Chris deployed twice with Civil Affairs in the Balkans, as well as served as a civilian with two United Nations missions in Croatia and Kosovo. He spent 5 years in the Balkans and a total of 18 years overseas in service. He commanded the 402nd Civil Affairs Battalion.

  • David Keyes -Retired with 30 years experience with the FBI. David led the FBI in its counter terrorism reorganization planning initiatives as Chairman of the Presidentís Task Force on Critical Infrastructure Protection. He was primary author of PDD-63. In addition he served as Chief Security Officer for a fortune 100 company. Mr. Keyes provides his consulting expertise to public and private sector clients.

  • Tom Neff -Top Secret clearance active. Subsequent to 20 years of USAF service, Lt. Col. Neff joined Nolan Mar after retiring from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency with a wealth of experience in quality control analysis, infrastructure protection analysis, and project management expertise. He managed a $156M project for DTRA where he shipped nuclear warheads from deployed Russian locations to destruction facilities. Tom has a Master of Computer Science from Texas A and M and is working on his Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership. His military experience includes numerous assignments where getting it right the first time was crucial because mistakes would result in massive loss of life and/or a huge financial disaster. As Chief of IA and Cybersecurity for the National National Reconnaissance Office, he developed the first-ever corporate-wide information assurance management program, protecting IT assets worth many billions of dollars. Tom is recognized as a SME in process improvement methods and is a frequent speaker at international process improvement conferences.

  • Lt. Gen. Ronald W. Iverson (USAF retired) -Director of Business Development/Special Projects in Technical Services for Northrop Grumman. In this capacity he is responsible for bringing new business to the company with emphasis on Air Force programs. Prior to joining Northrop Grumman he was with the Defense Security Service as the Deputy Director for Industrial Security. General Iverson spent 32 years in the Air Force retiring in 1997.

  • Dr. Scott Lillibridge -Dr. Lillibridge is a medical doctor and former Director of Bio-Preparedness for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) at HHS. Dr. Lillibridge is currently Director of Health at the University of Texas at Houston. He provides consulting support to DoD and DHS in the Emergency Medical Arena and has established programs and provided training for Pacific Command.

  • Gary McConnell -30 years experience in emergency management and law enforcement. Former Director, GA Emergency Management Agency.

  • Col. Dennis Pippy -Retired with 25 years of experience as an officer in DoD military operations, focusing on protecting critical infrastructures. Officer-in-charge of over 800 personnel to protect Air Force installations, professor at Defense War College, SME on bio-terrorism threat detection and training. Col. Pippy currently provides consulting support to the USAF Surgeon General in the area of bio-defense. He works with ANSER and is liaison to the DHS ANSER Homeland Security Institute.

  • Jack Platt -Retired marine operative. At the Sheppardstown, WV, Training Center, Jack provides SME training on counterterrorism.

  • Col. Bruce Senft (USAF retired)-Retired Air Force Colonel and current Continental Airlines pilot with 32 years of aviation experience in worldwide military tactical fighter and cargo transport operations, as well as, commercial airlines operations.

  • Gary Stubblefield (USN retired) -One of the world's leading experts in deterring maritime piracy and resolving security issues with an emphasis on identification, development, and integration of domestic and international security and anti-terrorism opportunities. Mr. Stubblefield, founder and president of Vantage Systems Inc. and previously president of GlobalOptions, provides expertise in international security issues relating to radiological materials. He currently serves as an International Field Lead on a Department of Energy Radiological Threat Reduction Program dealing with Radiological Dispersal Devices (RDD's), or "dirty bombs."

  • Bruce Tedeschi -28 years of experience in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industry. He has participated in the successful development and launch of more than 40 medical devices. Mr. Tedeschi's background includes R&D, engineering, software, and hardware product development, materials and logistics management, manufacturing/ product launch, and quality system regulations. His experience includes senior management positions at Drug Service, Inc., Hybritech, Inc., Quidel Corporation, Biosite Diagnostics, and internet companies, bringing them to profitability and sustainability. Most recently, Mr. Tedeschi was president of Collaborative Genetics, Inc. He has developed the first hand-held one step DNA detection device for biological device prototype. He has also developed, taught, and consulted on nuclear, biological, chemical, and agricultural anti-terrorism methods.

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