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Associated Consultants

To better respond to the particular needs of clients, Nolan Mar maintains relationships with a number of specialized experts. They add to our company’s already strong capabilities. These associated consultants include the following:

  • Gary McConnell -30 years experience in emergency management and law enforcement. Former Director, GA Emergency Management Agency.

  • Jack Platt -Retired marine operative. At the Sheppardstown, WV, Training Center, Jack provides SME training on counterterrorism.

  • Col. Dennis Pippy -Retired with 25 years of experience as an officer in DoD military operations, focusing on protecting critical infrastructures. Officer-in-charge of over 800 personnel to protect Air Force installations, professor at Defense War College, SME on bio-terrorism threat detection and training. Col. Pippy currently provides consulting support to the USAF Surgeon General in the area of bio-defense. He works with ANSER and is liaison to the DHS ANSER Homeland Security Institute.

  • Dr. Scott Lillibridge -Dr. Lillibridge is a medical doctor and former Director of Bio-Preparedness for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) at HHS. Dr. Lillibridge is currently Director of Health at the University of Texas at Houston. He provides consulting support to DoD and DHS in the Emergency Medical Arena and has established programs and provided training for Pacific Command.

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