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Security Assurance for Enterprises (SAFE)

SAFE treats operational, technical, and security issues on both total process and enterprise-wide levels. It is a top-down and horizontal management methodology based on proven techniques and focused on enterprise specific business processes.

Nolan Mar SAFE Compliance Measurement, Strategic Planning, Policy Development
Nolan Mar SAFE Architecture Design and Implementation, Infrastructure Access Control, Data and System Classification (Identity Management, User ID Provisioning, Role Based Access Control {RBAC}, PKI, Biometrics, Smart Tokens)
Nolan Mar Security Tracking, Risk Management, Control Testing and Certification and Performance Measurement, I V& V and Quality Management
Nolan Mar SAFE Intrusion Detection & Monitoring Tool/Managed Security Services CapabilityWeb-Enabled Management Reporting on Monitoring Incidents, Secure Information Sharing
Nolan Mar SAFE COOP ServicesWeb-Enabled NIST compliant Utility that enables Stakeholder Coordination foPriority Order and Recovery Window Based Upon Enterprise Risk
Nolan Mar SAFE Homeland Department-wide CIP planning, Financial services sector focus, Life-Cycle of Security Services, Socio-economic Impact of Terrorism Security
Nolan Mar SAFE Certificate and Degree Program

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